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Cervical traction devices to stop forward head posture.

Success Stories

Not convinced yet? See for yourself what our customers have to say.

"We recently switched over to the Neck Orthotic and have found it to be a very valuable tool in restoring the cervical curve. Our patients find it easy to use and more comfortable than our previous traction unit and because it is so compact they can take it anywhere." – Dr. Lee Smith

"I have used this product over the last 3 months and have seen a 30% correction of the lordotic curve in chronic neck pain patients in only 10 weeks." – Dr. Jeff Cline

"I come from one of the largest Chiropractic families in the world and have been around various chiropractic products my entire life. Finally, I can say a particular product has got what it takes! The Posture Right®, neck orthotic is a fantastically simple, yet effective way to correct what I believe to be the most common and dangerous of spinal conditions...the cervical kyphosis. Unlike other products, the Neck Orthotic is strong and non-bending with a small focal point, capable of delivering the necessary force to correct a kyphosis over time. Plus, because it is small and easy to store, patients can keep it near their beds...Try using one yourself and be thrilled. Then recommend what works for you to your patients." – Scott D. Alcott, D.C.

"From an engineering standpoint, the Posture Right® neck orthotic device is a marvel. It is simple and effective for correcting forward head posture and loss of the normal cervical spine curve. This in turn, can help a multitude of various symptoms and conditions. Every engineer dreams of inventing a device that is simple and gets the job done. This time, a Chiropractor has done just that! I use the Posture Right™ neck orthotic and I highly recommend its use." – Mustafa Savliwala, M.S. Mechanical Engineering, M.S. Biomedical Engineering, MBA Univ. of Pennsylvania's Wharton School

"My wife and I were in a car accident right after receiving our first order. We began using the Neck Orthotic that week. The cervical traction felt great. We continue to use it regularly." – Dr. Gene Kimel

"The Posture Right® Neck Orthotic is the most convenient, simple, cost-effective way to include the patient in the RENEWAL of their normal cervical curve, head posture and their health. I now recommend the Posture Right® Neck Orthotic to all my patients and I enjoy the benefits of using it myself. THANKS POSTURE RIGHT®!" – Dr. Eric Marshall

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