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Cervical traction devices to stop forward head posture.

Posture Right® FAQs

Will I see better post-Xrays if my patients use the Posture Right® neck orthotic? Absolutely! In fact, having your patient participate in their care can dramatically improve all outcomes including patient satisfaction. Review our success stories.

How does the Posture Right® neck orthotic actually work? Like other cervical extension traction devices it uses a fulcrum to direct force (stretch) into the cervical spine to allow for muscle and ligament remolding. The neck orthotic has a non-changing, constant, specific 1 inch contact point that delivers a significant amount of traction without the use of additional weights, pulleys, straps, water or inflation.

Is it uncomfortable? All forms of cervical extension traction have some degree of discomfort, especially for those who need the correction. The Posture Rightâ„¢ Neck Orthotic design allows for MAXIMUM COMFORT do to its ability to deliver the traction with only the weight of the head and gravity. Most people find it very comfortable.

What is it made of? One half pound of ABS plastic to allow for a strong, durable shape and fulcrum.

Do they take up a lot of storage space? No. They are very compact and they are stackable for storage or display.

Do you have protocols for its use? Yes. Every order is shipped with patient protocols and contraindications.

How did you settle on the design and angles to use? For two years we made prototypes and used them until we could duplicate the traction we were looking for. The second angle was conceived to allow for less aggressive traction that could be used at the onset and gradually have the patient use the full traction angle when ready.

We also consulted with Mr. Mustafa Samiwela who has master degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering for the final product design that is available today.

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